At the Heart of Experience Design are the Designers and Testing

If you are designing experiences for services then you will need service designers. If it is a space or counter experience then it may include training, architecture, interior design, display design, wayfinding and more.

If you are designing experience for a product and that product is a device then you may include industrial designers and human factor engineers. If it is software then you may include information architects, graphic designers, human-computer interaction designers, and more. If it is a consumer product then you may include package designers, textile designers, and more depending on the product.

For all Experience Design, the process comes down to Research, Design, and Test. Get out and observe your audience interacting with their current experience, analyze what that experience is like for them now and identify opportunities for improvement. Then create prototypes and test, test, test until you get it right. Apple does more testing then anyone in their industry. Dyson did 5127 prototypes over five years to prefect their vacuum cleaner.

Some testing is better than none. Spend as much time as you can. Your return on investment is directly proportional to your investment. It is obvious what the experience leaders do – if you want to compete than you need to join the customer experience revolution.