Beyond SEO: Case Study

In pursuit of new business, a small consulting firm was frequently asked if they had a website. Based on the demand-side information and needs of the business, the three missions of the website were to:

  • Establish company credibility
  • Be an easy-to-use networking tool
  • Provide those working at the company with an easy-to-access, anywhere sales presentation

During the tweak-and-tune phase, feedback from those who closely matched the ideal client profile said they wanted more background information and company case studies, and these sections were lengthened and reformatted. These efforts resulted in a 50% increase in clients within 120 days. Interestingly, since these steps were implemented, the background information and case studies are the most frequently viewed pages.

In another case, a five-year-old high-growth financial services firm was getting little value from its website. Support costs increased, SEO return on investment had flattened, and the site’s contributions to the business were down.

The company developed a better understanding of the markets they served—prospects did not want to read about specifications, but how the financial services being offered could solve their problems (The Do Fors). The owners decided to make the website missions about: solving problems for prospects and making it easier for clients to engage with the company. The results showed a 25% increase in clients over the following six months. The site now serves the company as a qualification tool and distribution channel—and the cost to reach these new clients has decreased by 10%.

This blog series is based on the article Beyond SEO: Driving Customer Attraction, Retention, and Top-Line Growth