Develop the Visual and Interaction Design in Context of Your Customers’ Workflow

Once you’re confident that you understand your various customers’ workflow and content, it’s time to develop the visual design—color scheme, fonts, iconography, branding, and all graphic elements. Work closely with the visual designer or visual design team to ensure that the visual design elements support the company’s brand and enhance the ease of use of the application.

Develop a medium-fidelity prototype that reflects the information and visual design. This prototype should also encompass the screen flow and interaction. Depending on how the design team is structured, this is a good time to bring in the interaction designers. Sometimes the interaction designer is also the information architect or a user interface developer. Interaction Design defines the behavior of how your customers and users interact with your solution. Interaction design is focused on making products more useful, usable, and desirable. Work with customers and users and conduct reviews of the prototypes for feedback. Wash, rinse, and repeat, as needed. This is an iterative process that should include all the solution stakeholders.

This blog series is based on the article Easy to Use for Whom: Defining the Customer and User Experience for Enterprise Software