Product Management and Design: Analyze the Requirements and Design the Solution

Product Design conducts an analysis of the market, technology, and competition, in terms of the user experience and interface design, early in the product lifecycle to determine the user interface (UI) design direction. Partnering with Product Management, the Product Design group conducts surveys, focus groups, reviews, and other activities to better understand the market, customer, and end-user problems that are being solved in terms of the user experience and interface design.

Product Design conceptualizes a solution to the problems identified in the requirements document that

Product Management creates. The Product Design team develops storyboards, screen flow diagrams, wireframes, prototypes, and other artifacts to validate the UI workflow solution. UI design prototypes are iterated with customers and their end-users to ensure the solution continues to solve their business problems.

Insight from the analysis and design can cause some revisions and/or refinement to the initial requirements.

Product Design also designs and develops some or all of the presentation layer components for the Product Development team.

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