Develop Visual Designs that Support the Brand and Enhance the Ease of Use

Once you’re confident you understand various customers’ workflow, activities, and tasks, it’s time to develop visual design—color scheme, fonts, iconography, branding, and all graphic elements. Visual designers develop the visual design elements that support the company’s brand and enhance the ease of task completion and efficiency.

Medium-fidelity prototypes are developed based on wireframes and visual design. These prototypes encompass screen flow and interaction. Interaction Design defines the behavior of how your customers and users interact with your solution. They focus on the tasks that need to be completed and the actions associated with the task and underline operation. Interaction design is focused on making products more useful, usable, and desirable.

Work with customers and users to conduct reviews of prototypes for feedback. Conduct usability evaluations to measure effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction. Be sure to measure task completion, time and task, and the emotional response to your solution.

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