Don’t Listen to your Customers!

OK, that got your attention… Sometimes the best way to satisfy a customer’s need is to ignore their suggestions. Customers have ideas about incremental improvements to their workflow, but if we develop something that is truly innovative, our ideas probably won’t make sense to existing customers. Sometimes when we solve a market problem, our solution … Read more

Emotional Design

Emotions have a crucial role in our ability to understand the world. Studies have shown that an object that “pleases” us appears to be more effective. This is due to the affinity we feel for an object that appeals to us – an emotional connection. In his book Emotional Design, Dr. Donald Norman proposes a … Read more

Corporate User Experience Maturity Model: Part 1 of 4

Organizations and their products and services have a “user experience” regardless if the organization is consciously managing it. User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with an organization, its services, and its products.1 A good user experience delights customers – increasing adoption, retention, loyalty, and, ultimately, revenue. A poor user experience detracts customers, … Read more