My Favorite Toy and Design Thinking

My favorite toy as a child was a broken single reflex camera. It served as everything from my Star Trek tricorder to a spaceship for my little toy men. My parents would have never guessed it. I wouldn’t have guessed it either. But if my parents had observed my play and asked me a few … Read more

Viability, Feasibility and Desirability

IDEO has been leading the charge on an innovation model built around Design Thinking. In this model, there are three key perspectives: Viability. Is it viable. Does it have a reasonable chance of succeeding? Is it capable of producing a profit or achieving your goal? Feasibility. Is it feasible. Does the technology exist or can … Read more

Agile UX Remote Usability Testing

Usability evaluations assess the degree to which your website, application, product or service can be used by your customers, the efficiency of your solution and the overall delightfulness you deliver. These evaluations are to validate that the tasks are easy to complete. It is a test of the ease of use of your offering not … Read more

Easy to Use: Icons

Ever visit a website or store or see a sign in a public space that you had no idea what the icon meant? There are a lot of reasons for that. One, of course is the ethnocentric aspect – we know what we know based on our prior experiences. So, if the image of the … Read more

Jeanne Bliss’s Five CX Competencies Transform Your Experience

Jeanne Bliss shares with us in her post Five CX Competencies Transform Your Experience: CUSTOMERS AS ASSETS Your focus is to get leaders to make a defining performance metric – the growth or loss of your customer base. The purpose is to shift to a simple understanding – knowing what customers actually did to impact … Read more

The Narrowing Effect: Understanding Time Pressure in Customer Experiences

The Narrowing Effect is a result of not having enough time to make a decision. To manage the stress of time crunches, we focus on a main task and ignore or filter out all other things. This helps us make a decision quickly when we have to but may increase our risk of not making … Read more

UX Boot Camp Workshop Workbooks

One of the best parts of the UX Boot Camps are the workshops – and the workbooks. There are several workshops throughout the day at a boot camp. The workshops are hands-on activities where we get to practice what we have just learned and apply it to our organization – all captured in the workbook. … Read more

User Experience is not what you think it is

UI is not UX   Usability is not UX   Design is not UX User experience encompasses all aspects of your end-user’s interaction with your company’s brand, products and services. To learn more about what User Experience is not and is, please join us at the UX Boot Camp for Product Managers in Tustin, California, … Read more

The Third Wave of the Internet is all about the Experience

In the mid 1990’s there was a common believe of “build it and they will come” when it came to internet businesses. There were investments into anything that had a ‘dot com’ at the end of it because no one wanted to miss out on becoming a millionaire. After billions of dollars were invested with … Read more

Recent Study shows that when UX Works Closely with Product Teams, Organizations have Superior Results

There is more research that shows organizations that involve user experience professionals early and often in the product lifecycle have superior results. According to The Study of Product Performance Teams 2015: “The importance of user experience to an organization’s products grows each year… Our 2015 data reveals that when user experience professionals are actively involved … Read more

Build a Design Thinking Culture that Creates World-Class Innovations

In order to be a top brand, companies need to build a Design Thinking culture that supports world-class innovation. Many organizations are focused on operational efficiency that does not have room for the design-thinking’s explorative and iterative process where mistakes must be made for innovation to occur. According to a recent article in HBR, How … Read more