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How to mine your customers’ experiences for a better bottom line

By David Washburn

UX metrics reveal the ways people shop for and purchase products, as well as improve customer’s complete transactions on a website, leading to an increase in revenue and happier customers. Read article…

Here comes the User Experience Manifesto on Portofino Media

I sat down with Armond Mehrabian, host of Portofino Media, to talk about the User Experience Manifesto. In past episodes we delved into Design Sprints and Agile UX at the Portofino studios but for this episode we met at at Nutmeg Bakery and Cafe. The ambiance was caffeinated.

Exploring the Agile User Experience Journey

In this podcast, Armond Mehrabian and I explore the role of User Experience in Agile development. We dissect the discipline of User Experience and how it integrates with the Agile Manifesto. We share many examples from our extensive consulting practice and give practical guidelines on implementing UX into your existing Agile practices.


sandieg_real_talk_logoDid you get a chance to catch me on Real Talk San Diego1700 AM Friday, December 3 from 11 to 12? If not or if you want to hear it again, you can download the podcast here:

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It was a fun and lively discussion. We discussed how User Experience encompasses all aspects of your customers’ interaction with your brand and how small companies can do this, too.

The Customer Experience Revolution – The Trailer

It has been an exciting year for Jeof and I and The Customer Experience Revolution this month. We had a great time as Closing Keynotes at SDL Innovate 2014 in San Francisco, the book went into a third printing, and Brigantine Media just released this trailer.

SDL Innovate San Francisco 2014
June 11-12, 2014 San Francisco

The future of customer experience is about delivering something customers want, but didn’t even realize they needed – at exactly the right time and in exactly the right way. At SDL Innovate 2014, you’ll learn from customer experience leaders and visionaries who are driving innovation and delivering seamless, data-driven global experiences at each point of the buying journey. Gain actionable insights into the latest trends and make sure your company is on the cutting-edge of customer experience.

Read more

The Customer Experience Revolution: Ask, Watch and Listen with Sean Van Tyne
LA UX Meetup, Santa Monica, CA, Cross Campus, February 21, 2013 · 7:00 PM“The ratings for the Sean Van Tyne event were exceptionally high. I’m thrilled that the great majority who attended really enjoyed Sean’s talk.” – Crystal Ehrlich, LA UX OrganizerWatch Video

The Customer Experience Revolution in the News
The Takeaway with John HockenberryWith the announcement on July 29 that retailer Amazon would be adding 7,000 jobs nationwide, Jeofrey Bean appeared on The Takeaway with John Hockenberry to address the question: How has Amazon’s customer service policies contributed to its global success?WNYC is one of the largest news radio stations in the US with over 1 million listeners and The Takeaway is a unique partnership of global news leaders. It is a co-production of PRI (Public Radio International) and WNYC Radio in collaboration with The New York Times and WGBH Boston.The Customer Experience Revolution describe how companies like Apple, Amazon and Starbucks creating great experiences that win markets and changes peoples lives forever. Expectations among consumers have risen. You need to be part of the customer experience revolution or your company will be left behind. 

Recorded from Orange County User Experience 2012, This video highlights:

Sean Van Tyne’s Articles on UX ZeitgeistImportant books, articles, and topics on user experience design, according to the UX community.

UX Zeitgeist

Winning in the Marketplace: How Much User Experience Effort Does It Take?
Know Your User, November 23, 2010
Prioritizing user advocacy from the beginning of a product design process puts users at the center of the process and ensures their needs are foremost in all UX design decisions.Read Article
The RCSB Protein Data Bank: redesigned web site and web services
Oxford Journals, October 10, 2010
Website design review conducted at the UX SIG facilitated by Sean Van Tyne…Read Article
ProductCamp SoCal: Great Speakers, Content & Attendees
Small Company Big Image, November 8, 2010
Among the excellent presenters were Sean Van Tyne and Jeofrey Bean with “Go ‘Beyond SEO’ with Customer Experiences that increase customer conversions on your web site!“  My favorite insights from this session of website best practices…Read Article
Innovative Market Aligned User Experience Seminar Increases Revenue and Customer Satisfaction
Marketwired, September 04, 2008
Bean & Van Tyne successfully solve product development, market value and customer loyalty issues that lead to scalable positive customer experiences and increased revenues…Read Article
UXnet locales have a home on the web
Lou Rosenfeld Bloug, June 3,2007
Local Ambassadors are there to serve as hubs, networkers, brokers, and ultimately activists to support UX growth on the ground around the world…Read Article
A Primer on User Experience
Customer’s Rock!, July 20, 2007
On Friday, July 20, 2007, Customer’s Rock!, a blog about customer experiences, published an interview with Sean Van Tyne. In this interview, Sean discusses some basic definitions of User Experience, the various roles involved, and a high-level overview of the process. Visit the Customer Rock’s blog.User Experience Primer (PDF)
User Experience 101: How to create a great online experience
Product Management, Marketing, Startups & News 2.0, May 4, 2006
Just like the building profession features civil engineers, architects, interior designers and a multitude of other trades, interfaces require different skill sets. They include professionals skilled in…Read Article

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