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What Sean Can Do For You

Your customers are having an experience with your brand, products and services regardless if you are consciously managing it. Organizations that purposely determine and develop the experiences that they deliver to their customers have higher customer loyalty, advocacy and consistent long-term growth.

You know these companies – Apple, Starbucks, Disney, etc. They deliver exceptional experiences to their customers. They do it by thoughtfully determining, crafting and continuously measuring the experiences they create. They do this by really listening to their customers across all channels and device and constantly evolving their products and services – in real-time. They sort through big data and use predictive analytics to help them make good decisions and automate the process as much as possible.

Make a commitment to your experience: Have it as a part of your business strategy; Make sure every employee knows what your company’s brand means and are empowered to deliver it; and measure it – constantly – so you can pivot quickly – fail fast and succeed even faster.

My focus is Design strategy and operations. For a larger organization, I work closely with the Head of Design to help run strategic objective KPI scorecards, persona development, journey mapping, design thinking workshops, etc. Or I may work with the VP of Product at a larger company or CMO or CTO at a smaller organization to help them develop, or better define, their design strategy, optimize their design operations or better define/improve their design process.

I have helped numerous organizations re-organize their design department, better define roles and bands (with HR), and even hire the right talent at the right time for their roadmap.

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Upcoming Events

UCSD User Experience Metrics Course
September 24 – December 15, Wednesdays 6-9 pm

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Latest Thoughts

I published my first blog January 2, 2010. I have been posting a new blog almost every Sunday since. I share my thoughts about defining, developing and delivering experiences where people intersect with technology. Experience Design, Design Thinking, Design Strategy, Operation, Process, and more.

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What People Say About Working with Sean

I have been fortunate to help many great people make their experience even better for their customers and markets. Here what a select few have shared about working with me:

“Sean is a strategic design leader who communicates effectively with both executive level personnel and front line designers. He was able to quickly assess the situation we were facing and started driving results immediately. His combination of design knowledge, strategic leadership, and soft skills allowed him to infuse value into our organization”

– Steve Mourton, Vice President, Product Management at Sony Network Entertainment

“Sean not only immediately connected with the group and got us to think outside of our normal industry box, but also helped us navigate the dual customer nature of our business, not an easy task… Sean has a style of presentation that allows the audience to feel like they are in a dialogue with him rather than a lecture. And, he is approachable and can capture an audience one-on-one as well as in a group… In a very short time, the group grasped the compelling message that Sean shared and was able to explore our industry’s customer experience with his guidance.”

– Marguerite Watanabe, Event Planner, FICO World

“Sean is one of the best design directors I’ve ever had and witnessed in action. He’s a subject matter UX/CX strategic genius who is very much on top of schedule and logistics and, most importantly, inspires quality and excellence… His leadership was universally appreciated by the team and he truly helped us grow and excel as designers. Sean has irreplaceable talent and charisma.”

– John Angelo, Google