Three Building Blocks to Creating a Great Customer Experience

CX Analytics

In ten years of helping more than 900 companies design and execute enterprise-wide customer-experience programs, the McKinsey Company have a formula that they have seen 15 to 20 percent increases in sales conversion rates, 20 to 50 percent declines in service costs, and 10 to 20 percent improvement in customer satisfaction. The formula has specific … Read more

Learn, Anticipate and Simplify the Customer Experience across Channels with Predictive Analytics

We are at the intersection of three maturing technologies: mobile devices, cloud services and big data analytics. Experience Makers collect, correlate and analyze data from their customer interactions across channels to learn, anticipate and simplify the experiences they create for their customers. In the post, Using Big Data and Machine Learning to Enrich Customer Experiences, Kurt … Read more

The Omni-Channel Shopper

According to IDC Retail Insights report “Satisfying the Omni-channel Consumers Whenever and Wherever They Shop” , Multi-Channel Shoppers spend, on average, 15% to 30% more with a retailer than a Single Channel Shoppers – which makes sense, since there are more channels from which to purchase. But the report goes on to state that Omni-Channel … Read more

The Omni-Channel Retail Shopping Experience

According to the Retail Info System News’ Omnichannel Rediness October 8, 2013 report, the retailers that deliver the best omni-channel experience – like Apple, Nordstrom and Macy – “enable a seamless shopping experience across channels by integrating services, technologies and processes.” The report goes on to share: Survey respondents say they’re missing out on 6.5% … Read more