Capture the Hearts to Change the Minds and Win Your Customers

Humans are irrational. We think we make rational decisions but science tells us we are incapable of making rational decisions. We cannot make a decision without emotions. It is the emotional part of our brain that informs our rational part to make a decision. And if the feeling is strong enough, we will justify our decisions to support our emotional connection.

When creating experiences, focus on the emotions. The emotion will inform the decision that people make about your brand, products and services. Once you have won the heart, it will inform the brain to form an emotional connection and relationship with your brand. It is the emotional connection that transforms prospects into customers and customers into advocates.

In The Customer Experience Revolution we discuss six touchpoints that are key to your emotional connections management:

The First Encounter is when your prospect forms an instant attraction or repulsion

Commitment is formed either as a methodical, researched decision or pure impulse. This is the decision point for a prospect to become your customer to love, honor and cherish

The Honeymoon Period is the beginning of the relationship with your customer. This is where your customers discovers how much they enjoys your product or service – or not

Moment of Truth is the decision point to endure or break down. There may be many moments of truths along your journey

Loyalty is earned. Being faithful and true to your brand promise consistently over time will earn you loyality

Advocates are customers that tell everyone how great you are. You can measure this with Net Promoter Score.

Regardless of whether it is a well-researched decision or an impulse, a strong relationship with your customer will only endure if the emotional connection is nurtured.