Designers and the Design Culture

One question I consistently get is “Are all Designers like this?” This is usually in the context of the challenge to management them. The answer is, “only the good ones.”

The Designer’s job is to make things better… better for the people that experience what they design. To do this well, they must be adept at empathizing. They must be able to design products, services and experience that instill trust or joy or whatever is needed for your customer to want your solution – pay for your solution – like your solution more than your competitors – like your solution so much that they tell other people how wonderful your solution is. To do that, the Designer must be able to deeply understand your customers’ needs, wants and desires.

Good designers develop a passion for the people they are designing for. They become advocates for your customer. Sometimes these passionate advocates get a little outspoken… it is a side effect of the empathy. Managing the passion can be a challenge.

This passion for the customer is not limited to the Designers. Organizations that really care about making the world a better a place, will have plenty of people with a compassion for their customers. Now you have an organization of Design Thinkers!

This Design Thinking way can blossom into a Design Culture where everyone has empathy for the customer – everyone has a passion to make great experience that make life better.