Customer Obsession Metrics

Age of the Customer – Forrester Research

We are now living in the ‘Age of the Customer’ where the pace of technologic advancement and customer empowerment continues to disrupt today’s business models. The key to competitive survival is data and insights-driven customer obsession. Customer obsession means constantly listening to customers and continuously testing, enhancing, and personalizing the customer experience.

According to The Customer-Obsessed Finance Leader in the Age of Data: Leveraging Data and Analytics in the Pursuit of Customer-Obsessed Growth, Being truly customer obsessed is about intent and results. Research shows that, across multiple industries, customer-obsessed organizations experience higher rates of revenue growth where even a modest improvement in customer experience can have a significant positive impact on revenue.

“Customer-obsessed companies put customers and their experiences at the center of their business. And they need metrics to quantify the business result of customer obsession and to incent customer-focused decisions.” – “How Metrics Drive Your Customer Obsession”, Forrester Insights report

Experience metrics:

  • Add structure to your experience design, development and evaluation process
  • Give insights into findings for better decision making
  • Provide size and magnitude of issues. Easy fix or delay the launch?
  • Calculate Return on Investment (ROI) like increase wallet share or reduce support calls

Without metrics, business decisions are made on guesses and assumptions. Experience metrics help answer the questions:

  • Will our customers recommend our solution?
  • Is the new solution more efficient, effective and/or delightful than the current solution?
  • How does our solution’s experience compare to our competition?
  • Do our customers feel good about our products and services or themselves after their interaction with our solution?

Consider what metrics you want to measure to better understand the experience you are delivering to your customers.

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