Human-Human Interaction is Still a Thing

I have two assumptions: our dependency on technology is only going to increase; and the need for that technology to be ubiquitous or invisible will be mandatory. I love Machine Learning and AI. And combined with UX, I believe we will make a better world.

I have another assumption. There are some interactions that some part of the population will prefer to interact with another human. We have discussed Human Factors, Human-Machine Interaction, Human-Computer Interaction and Human-Centered Design. Now it is time to talk about Human-Human Interaction (HHI).

Though we can automate many HHI, some people are still going to want to interact with another human when they are doing things like discussing a purchase (“does this look good on me?”); need help with a problem (“press reboot, are you sure?”); have certain questions (“the spot under the tree is best for watching birds?”); making certain decisions about other humans (“he said the same thing to you, too?”) and more. Not to mention the only things in life that really matter around love, truth and beauty.

Yes, technology is going to increase at an exponential rate in our lives and many interaction will be automated. But some will remain HHI for a while so disciplines like Service Design still have a strong future.

When you are designing experience, remember the HHI.