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Fogg’s Seven Strategies to Influence Behavior in Experience Design

Posted in Customer Insights, Data Science, and Experience Design

According to Dr. BJ Fogg, founder of the Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford University and the Fogg Behavioral Model, persuasive technology uses seven strategies to influence behavior:

  • Reduction – Simplify the task the user is trying to do.
  • Tunneling – A step-by-step sequence of activities that guides 
the user through the behavior.
  • Tailoring – Provide feedback to the user based on their actions.
  • Suggestion – Provision of suggestions to the user at the right moment and in the right context.
  • Self-monitoring – Enables the user to track his own behavior to change his behavior to achieve a predetermined outcome.
  • Surveillance – Observes the user overtly in order to increase a target behavior.
  • Conditioning – Relies on providing reinforcement (or punishments) to the user in order to increase a target behavior.

When designing your experiences, consider these strategies to direct the behavior of your customers for better experiences.

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