The Next Generation of Customer Experience Leaders

“This is the best business book in years! Bean and Van Tyne do a brilliant job of analyzing what winners do to create a world-class customer experience. They spell out the winning steps so you can implement them in your business. If you want to increase sales and customer satisfaction and, at the same time, … Read more

Customer Experience Satisfaction, Loyalty and Advocacy Questions

When measuring your customer experience, there are three questions that you may ask your customer that will give you insight into their satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. The standard “How satisfied are you with…” is always good way to measure basic satisfaction. When compared to “How much do you value…” – you gain tremendous insight. If … Read more

Customer Experience, Brand and that Emotional Connection

“Where does your brand begin and end? Where does your marketing stop and delivering online start? With cloud computing, online purchases, SAAS use, and live support in social forums, can you even define where your product experience begins and ends? These days you cannot and should not even try. Successful companies have prospered in response … Read more

Companies that delight their customers outperform their peers

According to Larry Tesler, “Companies that delight their customers outperform their peers.” We should listen to Larry because he knows what he is talking about. Larry was one of the researchers at PARC (Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated) back in the 70’s. PARC, if you didn’t know, has been responsible for such well known and … Read more