Look at What People are saying about The Customer Experience Revolution

 “The Customer Experience Revolution is a book that everyone who wants to succeed in business must read.” — Todd Robinson, Founder and Former Chairman, LPL Financial “Companies that delight their customers outperform their peers. This guidebook tells us why and how they do it in industries as diverse as retailing, Smartphone, food service and driver … Read more

At the Heart of Experience Design are the Designers and Testing

If you are designing experiences for services then you will need service designers. If it is a space or counter experience then it may include training, architecture, interior design, display design, wayfinding and more. If you are designing experience for a product and that product is a device then you may include industrial designers and … Read more

Using Games to Improve Performance and Result

Sue Baechler, Learning Product Strategist, Game Designer and Founder and CEO of Originaliti Media Inc., shares that games and game-based approaches are transforming the way people work and learn. Michael P Carter, Ph.D., Principal, Twin Learning LL, has found that when people learn through gamming they “enter a simulated environment that prompts them to make … Read more