Order is Everything when Designing Experiences

When iteratively designing and evaluating experiences, the order in which you do this is very important. It starts with content – you must have the content to design the information architecture. I remember learning this lesson when, at one company, Marketing was looking for our Art Director to start creating comps for our next generation … Read more

My New Favorite Quote

“Most regrets, by the way, are acts of omission and not commission. If you do bad things, if you go murder somebody, that would be bad and that would be an act of commission that you would regret. But most everyday, ordinary non-murderers, when they’re 80 years old, their big regrets are omissions.” – Jeff … Read more

Reviewing your designs 101

I was recently asked what was the best way to review your designs. Regardless if it is stake holders, subject matter experts, buyers or end-users, the process is pretty much the same. This is high-level. I hope you find it helpful: 1. Start by describing the top of the design and move to the bottom … Read more