Emotional Design

Emotions have a crucial role in our ability to understand the world. Studies have shown that an object that “pleases” us appears to be more effective. This is due to the affinity we feel for an object that appeals to us – an emotional connection. In his book Emotional Design, Dr. Donald Norman proposes a … Read more

Defining and Designing Technology for People

I have another article in The Pragmatic Marketer, the Pragmatic Marketing magazine for technology product managers. In this article, I have extended Dr. Donald Norman‘s ideas around activity-centered design to include roles, goals, and scenarios along with discuss the merits of contextual inquiry. It all came about from a conversation that I was having with … Read more

Customer Community

A customer community is where customers gather to share ideas, advice, experiences and feelings. Customer communities allow the organization that host the community to “listen” to the groups talk about their industry, brand, products, and competitors.  Customer-focused organizations create these communities to gain deep insight into their customers’ interests, decisions, and needs.  Customer-focused companies listen … Read more